Friday, September 25, 2015

The joys of being published

This weekend--right now!--I'm at the Saint Louis National Charity Horse Show in Lake St. Louis. Two weeks ago it was Hunter-Jumper week. Now, it's Saddlebred week, and I love it. I love both. My background is with hunters, jumpers, and dressage. They and their shows tend to be fairly subdued. The saddlebreds and their riders, on the other hand, are flashy; the audience, loud. It's a party! So different from what I grew up with.

My book table
As a lifelong horsewoman and dog lover, being here is a little slice of heaven. There are nearly as many dogs as there are horses! That's why I have treats for dogs, horses, and people on my table. Something for everyone. 

You never know who's going to stop by your table.

Anyhoo, this is my second year, and I do it not just because it's the biggest show around, and not just because my books all include horses so the people here are my target audience, but because ever since I started publishing, I wanted to be able to donate some of my proceeds to animal rescues and shelters. This horse show supports Stray Rescue of St. Louis and TREE House of Greater St. Louis (Therapeutic Horsemanship). I donate all my proceeds from book sales at the show to these two worthy charities. That makes me feel good.

But the big joy--that comes from experiences like this: A woman came up to my table and said she'd bought both Raver and On the Buckle while at the show last year. She loved them both but especially Raver and wanted to know if the sequel was out yet!

I wish I could have said YES! But I directed her to The Roar of Smoke, and she bought that to tide her over until the next Horsecaller book is out.

Hey, if you're in the area, stop by and see me and all the beautiful horses.


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